Yasmin Youssef

Biografie: Yasmin Youssef is a certified education & ICT expert in interactive boards and education technology and has been in the field of Teacher Training”since 2007. She is currently the Head of the Education Consultant Department at Gimpex. Yasmin obtained her Master Degree in International Education Management from both PH-Ludwigsburg/Germany and Helwan University/Cairo. She also got her pedagogical teaching Diploma, das GrüneDiplom from Berlin in 2008 after working as a German language instructor at the Goethe Institute in Cairo. Her professional experience in education was gained through several years of teaching German as a foreign language and holding the position of the Head of the German Department for 15 years in a private school. She also helped in founding a private German school here in Egypt. During that time she was able to enrich her knowledge by taking part in several training courses related to education technology around Europe and online. Yasmin has cooperated with Ministry of Education, the faculty of education Ain Shams and the TDC also with many international, private and public schools & Universities. She supports teachers and faculty members in teaching with digital media, helping them to use these tools interactively in order to provide their students with strategies that help them gain 21st century skills and thus preparing them for a sustainable future. As passionate blogger, Yasmin has published 24 blogs about education technology and wrote many research papers in this field, especially in Blended Learning and the integration of ICT in educational Institutions. This link will tell you more about her work experience: experience: http://mobiletabletlearn.wordpress.com/about/

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